Having trouble this morning going through a tutorial about using Ajax in Rails. We’re converting a sidebar cart to render after item is added, without reloading the entire page. All my *.html.erb files are already working with the *.html.haml replacement. But to use the Ajax, we’re creating a file with called create.js.erb, and a simple file extension swap to create.js.haml isn’t giving me any text highlighting in Atom.

  $('#cart').html("<%=j render(@cart) %>");

The erb text is embedded in quotes into the .html call. I’d rather not use the clunky erb syntax with its percentage, equals, and closing tag.


I’ve renamed my file to match the convention: create.js.haml. The jQuery (dollar sign) and html call stay the same, so I just replaced the erb portion with Haml syntax: =j render(@cart). I tested locally that the code works. Now to get the highlighting, I found in the Haml docs a thing called a filter. To use the JavaScript filter, use a colon followed by the word: :javascript. Then, indent your code on the next line.


  $('#cart').html("=j render(@cart)");