I recently ran into a case of burnout. Was nice to get away to Florida beaches last week. I didn’t do any coding or startup development whatsoever. Just sleep in, eat good food, do something fun, and then lounge at the beach in the evening. The best time for me is either very early to see the sunrise, or very late after the summer heat subsides and you can just sit on the shore under the moonlight. So that was peaceful.

Now I feel eager every evening to start the next day. Not too eager like when you have your first amazing idea that keeps you up all night. Just enough to make one eager to retire for the evening.

I’ve noticed a bit of effort required to get back into the flow of things. But the muscle memory comes back fairly quickly. Command line commands, and familiarizing oneself with the codebase.

I’m writing this at the end of the workday, and lethargically so. I’m mostly content to produce without much pause.